What did you just say about English?

My blog post for this week isn’t ready yet, so instead I thought I’d share a cool little article on English I stumbled upon yesterday. I don’t know how many languages this author speaks fluently to be using them as points of contrast or reference but from my perspective of five (at various levels of fluency) I can guarantee that English spelling is child’s play compared to Greek or Russian; his argument about the popularity of spelling bees on this premise alone almost lost me, but I’m glad I kept reading ’cause he makes some interesting points about other aspects of the tongue. I also take umbrage at the whole “English is weird” tag because language shouldn’t be called weird-language is a living narrative of the perceptions and experiences of those that have come before us. Calling it weird is like taking all that at face value and nothing more.

Anyhoo, despite my little rant, this article is really quite fun. Enjoy!

English is not normal!



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