Merry is a word just for Christmas…

As Slade once said: It’s Christmas! That time of year when the “Western world” gets jolly, celebratory, let their hair down-if those hideous jumpers are anything to go by, and feel all warm and fuzzy. Christmas, as the marketing spiel likes to drum into us, is a time for family, connection, reflection and affection. Awesome! Right? I mean I’ve seen Rudolph horns on cars y’all!

Besides Christmas, it’s my understanding that most cultures make an approximate three-month habit of celebrating something whether it’s New Year’s, Easter, Diwali, Hanukah, Holi, Day of the Dead, I could go on… My point is that people feel the need to celebrate something grander than their boring old mundaneness every few weeks and aspire to something loftier, holier and connect, both to each other and whatever sense of the divine each community has.

So my wish for Christmas, (make it real sparkly tree) is that people learn to connect to whatever natural desire is within us for divine expression and have those cutesy thoughts in mind every day and not just because a stupid day on the calendar is approaching. He wasn’t even born in December, ok? How cool would it be if people baked for old people’s homes every month for example, instead of just because they’re reminded it’s JC’s b-day? (No more than that though, old folks have diabetes and shit.)

As for the bidness at hand, i.e. book news, and on account of the fact that I have to live in society, I too shall become engrossed (though begrudgingly) in the baby Jee festivities and be back in a couple of weeks with more updates. (See what I did there?) Anyhoo, I’m currently feverishly working on preparing the paperback version of Bathory’s Secret and finishing the edits for book 3. I’m also seriously considering changing covers ‘cause my graphic artist has disappeared and I need stability in my life right now; you don’t dump me, I dump you alright?!

Despite the fact that I’m much enamored with my existing cover, perhars it’s time to look at it afresh; so, unless a Xmas miracle ensues and she decides to make an appearance, I’ll probably be entertaining you with new visuals, though I do resent the additional spend-xmas stole all my money already!

So, Happy, Merry (who says that anymore unless it’s xmas?), Holi Christmukah y’all and I shall catch you in the new year.

Peace! And I mean that literally. I’m off to write to Santa for some moola!



www. Bloody Good!

Another milestone was reached this week in the from of my brand new author website. This project has been in the air for a while and was a little delayed by unforeseen circumstances but thankfully it’s all been sorted now.

Admittedly it is still in its infancy and will receive more beautification and content as time goes on, but is in a good enough state to go live. It is an umbrella site for all my work which will also include other series beyond Affliction in the future.


In other news, editing is continuing as always, and if all goes as planned Vampire Edifice will be going live by August 15th.