You call this thing a blog post?

Though it might seem like I have forgotten about this blog, I promise you I haven’t. I am currently in the process of editing/rewriting part of my book after having got my manuscript back from my editor, something which has taken a toll on my time management, as all available free time is dedicated to the corrections.

Getting my draft back was very grounding experience, as expected. Ain’t nothing like a little impartiality to make you reassess your entire work and life choices if you’re looking at the long run. Though I am perhaps dramatizing a bit for the sake of humour and argument, going through the editing process for the first time is a very enlightening experience, but a terribly useful one- well duh! (Very literary I know!)

It makes you question things that you considered were pillars of the book, think twice about adding a prologue, the eternal question of which point of view is best and what on earth happened to X, Y or Z character? (They’re in the sequels I promise.)

At the end of the day though, it’s down to your gut. You can read through the comments and say, “yeah, he’s right about this or that,” but the point of the exercise I think, is to give you some distance from the work and possibly some perspective. I know all this might seem obvious but it’s good to state the obvious sometimes.

I hope to post bits of the progress as I go along, so this brief post is only a first glimpse into what I’m doing without giving too much away. Just the other day I was about to scrap my prologue and post it on here as a fond adieu as per the editor’s advice, but then I came to my senses, slapped myself in the face and decided to keep it. Yes, it’s official, the prologue stays (with some corrections no doubt) so you’ll have to read it in the book! Or maybe I’ll add it as an excerpt when the time is right…