This is a couple of paragraphs I threw together out of boredom and change of style. I might expand on this eventually.

“Raul!” I hear him calling me. “Rauuuul….” He persists painfully. I’d prefer he used my name or mommy even, but he has trouble with words, Raul, is the best he can manage and I accept it. He’s in the other room or on the balcony, I can’t really tell. Eventually he saunters into the living room where I am and gazes at me with his big green eyes, questioning, pleading silently. I know what he’s thinking, did you not hear me calling you?
I go to touch him and he runs away towards the kitchen where he melts into a furry puddle on the ground. Belly up, waiting for his caresses while subtly reminding me this is where the prize is. I relent and rub his tummy and he purrs loudly like a well-oiled fan. I don’t succumb to the begging, he’s only just eaten. He proceeds to the living room where he searches for things to chew. Mostly indigestible things like sticky tape, bubble wrap or nylon film, which he’ll be more than happy to puke up on my bed later or if I’m really lucky my shoes. Of all plastics however, he is a sticky tape connoisseur; he will root it out even if it exists in the most minuscule quantities on the remains of an unopened mail package that lies on the table, on the six-pack of water bottles waiting to be put away, on an old label on the washing machine. No tape is left unchewed.

Floop is not my only cat, there’s also Bebé but she’s better known as the Other One. Bebé is like a ghost cat, her presence is felt only by the occasional soft caress upon my skin, or a glimmer of cat’s eyes in the dark. She stalks and waits but mostly hides. Sometimes she gazes melancholically out the window if she thinks no one’s watching. She is not what you would call a Mojito cat, she’s more like the Mint Julep cat, silent with otherworldly concerns. Bebé is untouched by human hand. She has a great loathing for being held and always makes the rules when it comes to intimacy. On her terms only and as long as your hands are where she can see them and not feel them, definitely not feel them.