New Look and some Ro News!

Some of you will notice that I’ve changed the design for the blog and I’m sure you’ll all be breathing a collective sigh of relief. The white text on black background was tiring me too and it was something I’ve wanted to change for a while but never managed to get around to.

I’m in the process of having a site built which will have a nice clean design so the old look blog was going to be axed anyway, but I thought I’d change this now because there’s no excuse for tiring your readers-ever!
I know ’cause it hurt MY eyes looking at it so why did I leave so it so long?! -Rhetorical question, no need to answer that one. Or do. Whatever. Conversation is a fine thing…

Anyhoo, (as my friend Duncan used to say) I hope this is more enjoyable for the moment. I’ll update when I’m done solidifying my overall design.



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